Deco has a quality system that meets or exceeds most customer expectations, but can accommodate other quality requirements as needed.  At Deco – quality is not a requirement, it is a given.  Deco is certified to ISO 9001-2015 standards and uses AIAG APQP methods regularly, including FMEAS, PFDs, MSAs, control plans, SPC, and PPAPs.

Quality planning begins before the first part is produced. In an initial meeting with design, production, tooling, and engineers, the quality team compiles data regarding the casting’s application, function, and performance requirements.

Upon completion of the quality plan, any necessary special gauges or fixtures are designed and fabricated. When the tooling is finished, samples and dimensional layouts are produced. Statistically based routine inspection is integrated with all production to ensure our production meets our standards of excellence.

In addition to our conventional quality management systems, our dedication to excellence is exemplified by our commitment to continuous improvement, with ongoing process improvements, preventative actions, and lean and 5-S efforts.