Deco has recently purchased a new Fluke Ti Series Thermal Camera. Obtaining a specific die temperature can be critical in casting a good quality part. However, this ideal die temperature can be hard to achieve due to variability in production.

Prior to purchasing the Fluke, we relied upon a temperature probe much like the rest of the die-casting community. Since we began using the new camera, we have noticed significant improvement in the ease of data collection along with the accuracy and “complete picture” that we are now able to work with.

As these tools get added to our arsenal it becomes increasingly easier to replicate production runs with more consistency. As most die-castors will say consistency is the name of the game when it comes to a successful production plant!

Additional Plans for our Fluke involve:
  • Document die heat-up performance as a function of its total number of shots
  • Confirm Flow Simulation studies involving solidification and thermal heat transfer
  • Developing die lubrication requirements based on data collected from the Fluke imaging